The Azure Monitor: a glimpse behind the scenes

The Azure Monitor: a glimpse behind the scenes

With Microsoft Azure, we monitor part of your IT infrastructure. This results in a proactive management that protects your organization from digital threats and is one step ahead of cybercrime every time. Are you already using our Managed Services? In this blog we explain how we use the Azure Monitor to secure your organization.

Microsoft Azure

To manage your environment in the Cloud, we use Microsoft Azure. This way we get an overview of all users and the corresponding Microsoft licenses. This allows us to make changes on the fly if necessary. For example, when you onboard a new employee, they are quickly configured in the system. This saves a tremendous amount of time and a handful of clicks on ‘next’ because manual installation processes are no longer required.

What is the Azure Monitor?

The Azure Monitor brings us one step closer to strong cybersecurity. Monitoring makes management more visible by displaying relevant data from your infrastructure.

  • Measurement data: collecting measurement data in Azure Monitor Metrics. Based on this, conclusions and decisions are made.
  • Logs: in case of problems, diagnostic data can be extracted here. This way, problems are quickly solved and prevented.
  • Insights: customized security insights so the right choice can be made quickly. This also allows priorities to be set.

We recognize the ways in which your organization’s security can be strengthened, which applications can be improved and provide general insights. This allows us to both ensure the continuity of your digital work environment and firmly protect your organization.

From monitoring to action

Monitoring a complex environment is extremely important. But merely monitoring is not enough. It only helps us to better assess what the right decisions are at the right time. As a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, we are able to take immediate action. Our security specialists use their expertise so that your organization can stand firm.

Strengthen the security of your organization

Do you also want to integrate an optimal security strategy into your organization? Safe-Connect would like to help you. With our Managed Services we are able to manage and secure both SME's and large companies.

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