Everything you need to know about the security of a QR code

Everything you need to know about the security of a QR code

The black and white code that experienced its growth during the pandemic; is it safe?

The digital acceleration sparked by the corona pandemic introduced us to various technologies. Many learned to work remotely within a digital work environment. It was not only in the corporate culture that we saw this acceleration. Every industry adapted to remain operational. The QR code, which was already popular, saw an increase in use. The black-and-white code that called up the menu, for example, became indispensable in cafes and restaurants. The question now is whether this technology is safe?

What is a QR code?

The abbreviation QR stands for Quick Response. It was created to convey information quickly and easily. Think for example of a reference to a web page. It is a square barcode that can contain a lot of information in a compact format. In the hospitality industry, this technology was widely used to refer to the menu or even to place orders so that there was minimal contact. The code is not limited to a URL or menu. For example, you can also refer to: a phone number, a text up to 7000 characters or a location on Google Maps. With modern smartphones you scan the code using your camera. For older devices you need an app that can scan QR codes. Try it out with the QR code below 😉 . It contains a link to Safe-Connect’s home page.

QR-code website ENG

A convenient technology, but is it safe?

As with many things, the danger lies not with the technology, but with the user. It is important to pay close attention when using a QR code. For example, if you are going to pay, make sure the amount is correct and the sender is also correct. Are you scanning it for another reason? Then try to pay attention to what is asked on your screen. People have been scammed several times because they unknowingly linked their bank account to another account. Because it is also possible to link to a website, we recommend always being sure that it is not a malicious page that wants to retrieve your information.

In short: The QR code is a useful technology and is safe in itself. However, it is recommended that you only scan when you trust the other side. This way you avoid malicious users who are out to get your data.

To wrap it up, you’ll find a Safe-Connect contact card in the QR code below! 😉

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