Most common mistakes in Cybersecurity Assessments

Most common mistakes in Cybersecurity Assessments

A cybersecurity assessment is an important tool for identifying vulnerabilities and improving the security of your IT systems and data. However, there are some mistakes companies often make during the assessment process that hinder its effectiveness. Keep reading to find out!

Avoid these mistakes when conducting a cybersecurity assessment:

  • 1. Involving the wrong stakeholders

    It is important to involve the right stakeholders, such as IT staff and management, in the assessment process. These individuals have valuable knowledge and insights that help identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. With an experienced partner, you are assured that you will reach the right insights.

  • 2. Insufficient transparency

    A cybersecurity assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities and help your company in terms of cybersecurity. To get the most out of your assessment, it is important to be open and honest about your company's current security measures and any concerns you may have.

  • 3. Recommendations without priorities

    After a cybersecurity assessment, you will receive a list of recommendations from us to improve your company's security. It is important to prioritize and implement the most urgent measures first. Safe-Connect will help you create this roadmap.

  • 4. Not conducting regular assessments

    Cyber threats are constantly evolving and it is important to conduct regular assessments to identify and address any new vulnerabilities. Safe-Connect offers you the option of a Cyber-Proof subscription.

  • 5. Relying on just one assessment

    While one cybersecurity assessment can be valuable, it is important to consider multiple assessments. Our external services offer an advantage in that regard. It's also true that Safe-Connect works with several vendors and tools, so you get an overall picture from different perspectives.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you ensure that cybersecurity assessments remain effective. That’s how you protect your organization and employees.

Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your current security measures and identify any potential vulnerabilities. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report with our findings and recommendations for improvement.

Are you concerned about the security of your company's online systems and data? Our cybersecurity assessment, offered in partnership with Microsoft and Fortinet, is here to help you.

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