Bitwarden password manager

Bitwarden password manager

Businesses and users log in daily to access information and programs. We constantly wonder if these logins are still good enough. Do they guarantee our security or are we at risk of being hacked? Unfortunately, the passwords we create ourselves are no longer good enough.

At Safe-Connect we were looking for a solution. We quickly recognized that bitwarden had the upper hand in terms of security and reliability. Passwords can be generated, making them extremely secure. By using AES-256 encryption, they have set a high standard. This form of encryption is also used by the NSA to protect their files and data. You log in with a master password and email. Both pieces of information are hashed so that the servers at Bitwarden only receive digits. These digits can no longer be converted to the actual password.

Why do we choose Bitwarden?

Our passwords that we can easily remember are no longer good enough to protect us. We already wrote a blog about the dangers of using weak passwords. Time for a solution! Bitwarden offers high-quality security and high reliability. Powerful encryption is a good way to protect and secure data. So there are also benefits in terms of GDPR legislation.

Protect yourself against data breaches

Using strong but also unique passwords gives your personal identity a security boost. Suppose they get hold of your password. If you made use of Bitwarden to generate a unique and strong password for each account, the damage is minimal. Then they ‘only’ have access to 1 account for which you can then take the necessary measures. For example, change the password and monitor your account for suspicious activity.

This above comes in handy, for example, in the recent cyberattack on Passwords were stolen there too. So you see that with the right approach, you can reduce the impact of a cyber attack. Because if you have your password set the same for all accounts, you do have a big problem.

We have been using it for some time now and we experience flawless operation of all functions. With the help of this program you generate, manage and send (both internally and externally) your passwords easily. You no longer have to worry about the strength of your password. Your memory is no longer overloaded with the tedious task of remembering all those passwords. They are now safe in your personal vault. Finally, Bitwarden also offers a free version. This version only has the basic functions of a password manager. As a company, you get the greatest benefit and functionality from Bitwarden Enterprise.
As a Managed Service Provider, we offer Bitwarden Enterprise. We make sure your security is guaranteed.
  • Bitwarden Enterprise

    We make sure you benefit from all the advanced features that Bitwarden Enterprise has to offer. Features such as: defining business policies, creating and managing groups, sharing passwords in a group, Bitwarden Authenticator, advanced 2FA and Single Sign-On become available to you. This way, your data is easy to manage because you decide in which groups this data is shared.

  • Support

    Support for Bitwarden is included in our service contracts.

  • A user-friendly tool

    Once you get going with Bitwarden, you're off and running. With its intuitive interface, you enjoy a simple application that gives your security a huge boost.

Your personal vault

You can quickly and easily create an account on Bitwarden. This is the only password you need to remember, choose a phrase with a number and strange character that you can remember well. Your personal vault is a record of all your created login information.

Store and manage passwords

Bitwarden was created to store and manage passwords. There is high flexibility due to the many options to access your personal vault. You can: use the app (PC or smartphone), an extension in your browser or just use the web version ( This is all done within a user-friendly environment. In this video we show you how to do it and how to use it.

Using Bitwarden as an authenticator

The program is simple and efficient. Yet the options seem endless. You can use Bitwarden on some platforms like PayPal as an authenticator. In this video, you learn how to do that.

Sharing login credentials in Bitwarden

With Bitwarden Enterprise it is possible to share login data. This can be done by creating an item within a collection. In this video we show how to do that.

Security reports

Digital security is the number one priority at Bitwarden. Security reports can help you look for weaknesses within your login credentials. If you can improve your security, Bitwarden will tell you exactly how to do that. In this video we look at the different types of security reports.

Bitwarden Send

Bitwarden Send allows you to securely share sensitive information with your contacts. The recipient does not need to have Bitwarden to use this “Send”. In this video you will learn how to create a Send and what settings are possible.

Tools to strengthen security

Additional tools to strengthen your security even more. For example, you set up how your password is generated. It is also easy to import and export data from/to another password manager.

Two-factor authentication in Bitwarden

To make things even better: you can easily set up two-factor authentication within Bitwarden. This way you are even more secure and your login details are in a safe place. In this video we show you the different possibilities.

Auto-fill with Bitwarden

With the browser extension of Bitwarden it is possible to use auto-fill. With this feature Bitwarden will automatically fill in your login details when it recognizes the URL. However, it is necessary to include the URL in your vault beforehand so that it can detect it. This happens during the creation of a login.

Bitwarden Username Generator

Bitwarden listens to their community. It was a highly demanded request. With the new Bitwarden Username Generator, you can now also generate usernames and modify e-mail addresses. In this video, you will discover how it works!

Importing login credentials in Bitwarden

In this video, we explain how you can import your saved login credentials from another password manager to Bitwarden. The example we use in this video is switching from Google Chrome to Bitwarden. By creating a file, you can upload it to Bitwarden allowing you to keep all your saved passwords. This way, you can benefit from the strong security in Bitwarden as well!
The full playlist on Youtube can be found here.
Do you also want to enjoy a reliable password manager that provides your business with secure passwords? You can! As a Managed Service Provider we also offer Bitwarden. We fully adjust the settings to your needs. So you can be sure of a secure environment. Discover what we can do for you. We will gladly help you.
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