Train your users in digital hygiene

Train your users in digital hygiene

It’s becoming increasingly more common. Data breaches, companies being hacked and important information being stolen. It is important as a company to identify where your organization is vulnerable. Establishing excellent security is a priority. You can read more about cybersecurity here. Unfortunately, hackers attack you where you are most vulnerable, which may be your employees. Safe-Connect provides a tailor-made training with Phished. That way you protect both your employees and the organization against any digital threats.

A continuous process 

Understanding that cybersecurity is a process that needs to be paid attention to every day is important. New attacks develop monthly, or even daily, and the approach to securing against them should not be limited to annual training. Imagine if you updated your IT infrastructure once a year. That would be a real nightmare. The same applies to your employees. One way to get the message across your team is to share cyber security news on a regular basis. Often, it’s the larger companies that make the news when it comes to a cyber attack, but small and medium-sized businesses certainly don’t stay under the radar. The impact of good digital hygiene is tremendous. In fact, it’s part of your organization’s basic security.

Passwords and best practices

We all recognize it. Using passwords that we can easily remember and reusing them for each platform. Unfortunately, these passwords are also easier to hack. The best way to create and manage a good password is with a password manager like Bitwarden or Keepass. These tools generate and remember strong passwords for all the accounts your employees use. They also make it easy to share passwords within your team, so you can collaborate remotely without any concerns. 


The most common way to steal information from companies. Attackers can forge email addresses, domains and even Google’s two-factor authentication to carry out a targeted attack. Add in some false corporate branding and you have a complete recipe for disaster. ‘Smishing‘ is also a popular alternative. Use common sense, it is quite often said in such cases. But it is becoming increasingly more difficult these days to recognize such mails or attachments. Raising awareness and learning to identify such mails is important for your employees.

Find an overview of different types of Phishing here

Training part of recruitment 

First impressions determine everything, and cybersecurity is no exception. When hiring new employees, you can provide training around digital hygiene and cybersecurity. This way you create immediate awareness among your employees and they can help each other improve. Remember, it is better to be aware of a potential security breach as soon as it occurs. Encourage your employees to share mistakes so you avoid a situation where someone tries to cover up their mistakes and make a risky situation even worse. Training and establishing trust have a big role to play in fostering a safe workplace. 

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