“Make your life easier by making the computer work for you”

The Cloud architect firmly takes the helm of the IT-team. A good conversation with Kristof is about traveling, technology and automation. Occasionally accompanied by a special beer with its own story. His goal of helping colleagues and clients evolve towards autonomy comes first. By constantly learning about new solutions and technologies, he can inspire other experts. His mantra; to learn from each other in order to reach better solutions faster, makes Kristof a real teamleader.

Kristof Hardy

Cloud Architect

"Just do it!"

Our cool Support engineer Steven in his inimitable way bridges the human gap between the customers and our experts. A passion for IT became his vocation. As an uber-generalist, Steven loves film, jazz, whiskey, virtual reality and synthwave with dancing lights. Steven enjoys working in teams with the no-nonsense business style that encourages self-development and group dynamics. Steven earns the five-star rating from Customer Satisfaction because he seamlessly answers every question.

Steven Debock

Support Engineer

"Success lies in the details"

Don't pass up a challenge because Nicky will see it. With an eye for detail, he connects the dots. Technology and a passion for cars means he uses turbo language at times. Nicky is a big part of the Safe-Connect engine with his ability to proactively improve the security of IT systems. He does this with his specialization in Managed Firewalls by Fortinet. Security goes beyond firewalls and that's exactly why Nicky constantly communicates with other experts. He takes safety for our customers to the highest level.

Nicky Paenhuysen

Fortinet Firewall Expert

"Creates order in the chaos"

Koen is our impressive "Azure Virtual Machine" expert. In his free time, he likes to listen to music with a classical guitar and drums or hardcore punk music. Contributing to a solution for computer users provides fulfillment. Koen likes to script in the Microsoft Azure and Nerdio platform to successfully manage virtual desktops. That sounds like finely tuned music to his ears.

Koen Caerts

Virtual Machine Expert

“If you can’t fix it with duct tape, use duct tape in a smart way”

Head of innovation and development; that is the title that fits Geert best. He doesn’t want to believe that something does not work or is impossible. That way, he can move mountains. In his spare time, Geert develops his own darkest radio station “gothville.com”. With the knowledge of an Internet pioneer and strong logic, he can turn difficult technical issues into solutions in our Safe-Connect department. Geert is also our Odoo ERP expert and automates the administration to make sure the reports of our service contracts are always the state-of-the-art.

Geert Surkijn


“Moving forward is the ability to adapt to change”

Strategy, sales and marketing are things that Bart implements on a daily basis to support the team. He seeks and maintains the balance between our competences and the needs of the customers. Language, visuals, and new technological possibilities require freedom to experiment. Using that knowledge and passing it on to the team is fulfilling. During the weekend, Bart likes to cleave through the air in a glider. It is a combination of factors such as practice, strategy and being lucky with the weather conditions. Those are the same factors that are also reflected in the world of business.

Bart Wolfs


Would you also like to be part of our team? We are looking for an Azure Security expert. Sounds interesting? Then feel free to check out our posting.