Is your organization phishing-proof yet?

40 percent of Belgians have been victims of phishing at one time or another. As a business, you make an even more lucrative target. Evil actors are often rewarded by sending successful phishing emails. They get their hands on money, sensitive data or disrupt your business processes.
Fortunately, you can protect your organization. A realistic phishing simulation allows you to safely test your company’s digital hygiene. A report will give you insights about your employees’ cybersecurity awareness. As a committed partner, we help you set up a well thought-out phishing campaign and process the results correctly.

What exactly does a phishing simulation entail?

With a realistic phishing simulation, you get the chance to safely put your experience to the test. Everything is completely customized. Your campaign consists of 3 parts:

1. The phishing email

Tailored to your organization, we create a phishing email. It arrives in the mailbox of your employees. To make it as realistic as possible, we provide the standard footer of your real mails. This way we increase credibility and effectiveness. You can also choose the content of the mail. Do you have a collective meeting planned? Then we will take advantage of that.
Voorbeeld phishingmail
Realistische Landingspagina Phishing

2. The landing page / URL

The email contains URLs. They refer to a relevant landing page that asks for login. This is where the risk is at its peak. If employees leave their login credentials here, the catch is in for the hacker. Our simulation pages do not store entered data.

3. Reporting

Using a report, you get a crystal-clear overview of the results. You can see who clicked and whether they also left their login details afterwards. If they opened the email but did not click, they are colored green. Based on the results, you can take steps. Handling this data discreetly is important. We recommend discussing the results individually each time.
Phished rapportage eng

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Your benefits of a phishing simulation:

1. Protect your organization

40% Of Belgians have been victims of phishing. A realistic simulation allows your employees to better recognize and avoid these attacks. This allows them to protect themselves and your organization
from this threat.

2. Employee awareness.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. By exposing employees to phishing in a secure environment, they learn to recognize and respond to these dangers. This helps improve your organization's
digital security.

3. Strong internal security

By exposing your organization to our phishing simulation, you are helping to create a security culture. This involves employees proactively identifying and reporting suspicious activity. This is how you take a big step toward a safer work environment.