Cybersecurity baseline measurement

Get a crystal clear overview of your IT infrastructure with a goal-oriented Cybersecurity baseline measurement. Comprehensive reports identify looming risks. With expertise, we draw up an action plan based on the results. This gives you a sharp picture of your current digital working environment and what action is required to secure it.
Cybersecurity audit

Your Cybersecurity baseline measurement in 4 steps

Phase 1: Kick-off meeting

We start off with a kick-off meeting in which we gather the necessary information. We plan a suitable time for the assessment and involve the right stakeholders. In addition, we also discuss your objectives so that your desired result is achieved.

Phase 2: audit

With a smart approach, we provide an audit that takes a close look at your current IT environment. That goes from your Microsoft environment, on-premise servers and even your Internet traffic. This is how we find out what risks are currently present. With that information, our security experts take a critical look at the results. This is how we come up with the right insights to help you move forward.

Phase 3: Presentation

What's Next? After a thorough analysis, we draw up a targeted action plan. That way, as an organization, you know what the next steps are to strengthen your cybersecurity. With the risks in mind, we also draw up a priority list.

Phase 4: Report

The final result? A personal report reflecting our analyses and findings. We would like to discuss these in detail with you. Then we will also immediately review the action plan together so that you as an organization can take the first major steps towards cybersecurity.

Why is a Cybersecurity baseline
measurement important?

A Cybersecurity baseline measurement is important because you get a crystal clear overview of your IT environment. It’s like a thorough health check for your organization’s digital backbone. By exposing vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your systems, it allows you to proactively identify potential threats. Then you address them before they can unfold. Moreover, this audit not only provides protection against external attacks, but also casts a critical eye on internal processes and user behavior. This helps raise awareness of cybersecurity at all levels. For this purpose, we also offer customized Awareness Training.
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