The difference between a Cybersecurity assessment or audit

The difference between a Cybersecurity assessment or audit

A cybersecurity audit and a cybersecurity assessment are two tools used to evaluate the security of a company’s online systems and data. While both are useful for identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for improvement, there are some key differences between the two.

What is a cybersecurity audit?

A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive evaluation of security measures for your company. It consists of a detailed analysis of current practices and technologies. Next, you get an assessment of policies and procedures related to cybersecurity. The purpose of this audit is to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. That way, you get a clear understanding of your overall security posture.

What is a cybersecurity assessment?

On the other hand, a cybersecurity assessment is a more focused evaluation that delves into a specific security aspect of your business. For example, a cybersecurity assessment can serve to evaluate the security of a company’s network infrastructure, its website or its mobile applications. The goal of this assessment is to identify specific vulnerabilities or risks.

Cybersecurity assessment or audit: what is your choice?

A cybersecurity audit has its use cases, but it cannot be considered an all-in solution. Most audits will not reveal the effectiveness of all your security measures. If you perform an audit, we recommend that you follow it up with a cybersecurity assessment. This way you are sure of a full insight that you can immediately start working with.

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