The importance of Cybersecurity

The digital age. An era in which we think about acceleration and improvement. Unfortunately, we are also forced to keep ourselves well-secured. Hackers and cybercriminals are getting smarter and have access to many tools. What is cybersecurity and why has it become a vital part of an organization?
Cybersecurity for businesses
Cyber attack

Cyber attack

Companies are often the target. They have a lot of data and a lot of damage can be caused. In 2017, the Danish transport company Maersk was the victim of a cyber attack. The Petya virus was the cause and is a form of malware. Major damage as a result. No less than 4000 servers and 45000 computers had to be reconfigured. In 2021, Microsoft Exchange servers were also affected by Hafnium. A notorious cyber espionage group. With a zero-day exploit, they hit thousands of servers around the world connected to Microsoft Exchange. Another commonly used attack is what we call “Phishing”. It is popular among criminals because it is easy to perform. By impersonating legitimate organizations via deceptive emails, websites and text messages, they can steal sensitive information. Emails, text messages and websites that look suspicious, should always be looked out for. Train your users in digital hygiene to identify possible cyber risks.

I have been attacked, what are the consequences?

Financial loss, blackmailing due to trade secrets being stolen and data that is no longer secure are only a few examples.  That’s not to mention a possible downgrade in reputation or the extra time and expense you have to invest to get everything back up and running.

How do you protect your organization against cybercrime? Get started with a Cybersecurity checklist!

Advanced cyberattack strategies are making security more complex. Not sure where to begin? Our experts compiled 17 security measures for your organization. That’s how you get started immediately!

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FAQ - Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important to everyone. Cybercrime is on the rise and hackers are getting smarter. Both companies and individuals are in the spotlight. For example, a company cannot function properly without a solid IT infrastructure. To prevent cyber attacks, companies are increasing their level of cybersecurity. In this way, all parties are protected and an organisation remains operational without incurring digital damage.
Cybersecurity is not easy to manage and monitor. As a managed service provider, we can help you to monitor and add layers of cybersecurity to your business. If you are not sure about your company’s cybersecurity level, you can request an audit. Read more about a free audit.
There are many things you can do to improve cybersecurity. There are some simple but effective actions you can take. You can enable Multi-factor Authentication or you can train your users in digital hygiene for example. Check out our list of cybersecurity tips above.
Because hackers are getting smarter. The Danish transport company Maersk fell victim to the Petya virus. This caused major financial damage. Later it turned out that the biggest cause of the incident was the lack of security policies. It is important for companies to implement security on all levels.
Digital hygiene is a term used to describe behavior online. Good digital hygiene indicates that you are aware of the dangers online and therefore also deal with data in a ‘clean’ way. We wrote a blog about it.
Digital hygiene is important for both businesses and regular Internet users. You ensure that the chances of your data being stolen are reduced. This is an important factor for companies. Employees have access to a company’s sensitive information. Training in digital hygiene is always welcome. You can read more about it in our blogThe impact of digital awareness is so significant that it is part of your organization’s basic security.
The Hafnium hack is the infamous attack that has been carried out on Microsoft Exchange servers. Hafnium is a group of hackers from China. The hackers found vulnerabilities in the system and exploited them. The attack was global and was a shock to the IT world. You can read more about it in our blog about the Hafnium hack.
With the Microsoft Secure Score you can strengthen your cybersecurity. You get an overview in which you can monitor everything. It also gives you recommendations and actions you can take. It is even possible to test your IT infrastructure or your employees with an attack simulator. You can read more about this tool in our blog. Not sure how to use this tool to its full potential? We’d love to help you out. Feel free to contact us today!