Azure Virtual Desktop: bringing an old technology into a new light

Azure Virtual Desktop: bringing an old technology into a new light

The 5 biggest advantages of connecting a legacy system like AS400 to Azure Virtual Desktop:

  • The AS400 system can be retained without migration
  • Working from home becomes possible via the Remote App on desktop computers and Thin clients
  • The connection with AVD increases the security of the AS400 user because MFA becomes available.
  • VPNs become obsolete because AVD uses modern protocols and the Azure Firewall
  • AS400 becomes scalable because multiple users are created in AVD using scripts.

AS400 sounds familiar to businesses. IBM developed this system back in the days when Salt ‘n Pepa’s “Push it” was a hit, and it still plays a big role in the business world today. Warehouses and manufacturing companies in particular benefit from using and maintaining this environment. On this system, well-known ERP software such as Movex is used to keep track of inventories, control outgoing packages and perform quality control. Is it necessary for these companies to move their data and functions to a modern solution? Migrating a digital system can take months and even years. When all functions are working well, there is no immediate need for them to change.

We found a solution to preserve the system that originated in 1988 and to make it scalable for users who work mostly remotely today. In addition, Cybersecurity cannot be ignored in this flexible environment.

The solution:

By connecting the AS400 to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), an older system is given a Cloud security layer and flexibility is enhanced. It also ensures that AS400 users keep the system and eliminates the need to migrate.

By using scripts in AVD, it is no longer necessary to configure each new user manually. This way, multiple users are made ready for use at once and the need to repeat the installation process for each system disappears. Logging in via the Remote App allows you to connect to any desktop or thin client.

Working remotely with a secure and stable connection has become possible for AS400 users by connecting to AVD. There is no longer a need for a cumbersome VPN. A physical firewall is not necessary in this situation because you can now enjoy the Azure Firewall. The connection is between AVD and the data center where the AS400 server resides.

A modern connection

Enabling VPNs to use ERP software like Movex is rather tedious. By being connected to AVD, you are using modernized protocols that allow you to log in with any type of connection. The security of the system is increased because it is possible to use MFA which puts you one step ahead of hackers.

In theory, any application that gets support for Windows 10 can be connected to AVD. Thus, we also make old technologies scalable and a secure and flexible connection can be set up.

Azure firewall security

In a nutshell, connecting AS400 to AVD is a smart way to modernise an old system without migrating it. You can enjoy the benefits of the cloud, such as security, flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. You can also use other modern applications that facilitate and enhance your work. This way, you will be ready for the future with a system that has proven its worth for decades.