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IT architecture, Cybersecurity & Managed Services, that's what we do in Europe. With a straightforward approach, we deliver high-demand services with a low total cost of ownership. We are happy to bring you flexibility and new unprecedented possibilities in the cloud on a silver platter.
Safe-Connect Azure Gold
As a Gold Partner we help you with
  • Cloud migration
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation and acceleration
Safe-Connect has achieved the gold level as a partner with Microsoft. This reflects trust and expertise. By applying both business and technology insights, we will find the appropriate solution for your business. Find out what a Gold Partner means and what the benefits are for you!

Managed Services

Get things done. Professionals taking care of your IT, precise and secure.


Cyberwar is on. Lock the door without losing comfort.

IT Architecture

Flexible & Solid. We are Azure, and much more...

We provide transparent reports that allow you to follow the health of your IT system
Being transparent to the client is important. Because we monitor a lot of information to ensure safety, we would also like to share with you how we achieve this. Transparent reports of uptime/downtime of all ICT components are shared with you every month, so you are also aware of everything that is happening.
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The Azure Monitor: a glimpse behind the scenes

The Azure Monitor: a glimpse behind the scenes

With Microsoft Azure, we monitor part of your IT infrastructure. This results in a proactive management that protects your organization from digital threats and is one step ahead of cybercrime every time. Are you already using our Managed Services? In this blog we explain how we use the Azure Monitor to secure your organization. Microsoft…

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Zero day attack on Avast and AVG: the security software that turned out to be unsecure for 10 years.

Zero day attack on Avast and AVG: the security software that turned out to be unsecure for 10 years.

Avast and AVG are two antivirus programs commonly found on computer systems worldwide. The cybersecurity company, named SentinelOne, discovered two threatening zero day vulnerabilities. That discovery took no less than a decade to occur. SentinelOne suspects that millions of users were exposed to this vulnerability. It has not yet been proven that the flaws were…

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Discover the new Bitwarden Username Generator

Discover the new Bitwarden Username Generator

Are you enjoying strong passwords with Bitwarden yet? The trusted password manager has spent the last few years building a community that strives together to create a more secure digital world. They do this by managing login credentials, generating strong passwords and offering a range of useful features. You can read all about Bitwarden on…

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