Can Bitwarden guarantee our security?

Multifactor authentication is necessary to protect us in a digital environment. You can read more about that in our blog on the importance of MFA. In this blog we describe the need for a complex password and the solution; using a password manager such as Bitwarden. The password we enter every time we log in….

Can MFA secure our personal identity?

In order to work with different programs or websites, we first need to log in. Our login credentials consist of a username and password. Is that password enough to ensure your safety? The answer is no. We tend to be prone to using passwords that are too weak as Michael McIntyre demonstrates in a humorous…

The Hafnium Hack

Alarming news in the world of cybersecurity. Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers allowed hackers to access a company’s servers, emails and calendars. Hafnium, a group of hackers that is well trained and operates in a sophisticated manner from China is the culprit. It was revealed in March 2021 and it caused a shock in the…

Train your users in digital hygiene

It’s becoming increasingly more common. Data breaches, companies being hacked and important information being stolen. It is important as a company to identify where your organization is vulnerable. Establishing excellent security is a priority. You can read more about that here. Unfortunately, hackers attack you where you are most vulnerable, which may be your employees….

Microsoft Secure Score

Cybersecurity is indispensable for businesses. Attack strategies are constantly evolving so being up-to-date is a must. It is often difficult to get an overview of your organization’s current security level. Microsoft makes it happen with Microsoft Secure Score. A tool that performs a security analysis within Microsoft 365. The Microsoft Secure Score belongs to Microsoft 365…