Hackers with good intentions are essential

Hackers with good intentions are essential

Tech companies and Open Source projects aim for the highest level of security. They do this by using so-called ‘Bug Bounties’. A concept where ethical hackers are rewarded for finding weaknesses in a system and properly reporting it to the related company. Ethical hackers, also called ‘White Hat hackers’, attack the weaknesses of an IT infrastructure with good intentions. You can compare it to a penetration test. With this approach, companies arm themselves against malicious hackers.

Ethical hacking is on the rise

European institutes recognize the benefits of ethical hacking and provide a budget of 200 000 euros to make software more secure. It specifically concerns Open Source software such as Odoo that Cats&Dogs is partnered with. The “Bug Bounty” program belongs to the Belgian company Intigriti. The company has a bright future in sight. The recent Series B funding round raised a whopping 21 million euros. This will allow crowdsourced security to continue to grow and build a safer digital world.

Taking your first step towards Cybersecurity

With a Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) we show the relevant data of the security level of an IT-environment. With those findings, we provide recommendations that you can start working on immediately. Are all doors closed? Then it is time to take on the ethical hacker.