Our solutions

With high-quality solutions, we provide the missing piece of the puzzle in your organization. By building long-term relationships with our partners, we are able to offer a wide range of digital solutions. Are you looking for a solution? Our team of experts is ready to assist you in achieving your desired outcome.

Microsoft Azure Partner

As a Gold Partner with an Azure Expert MSP certificate, we receive recognition from Microsoft. Our countless automation assignments, cloud service operations and optimizations has given us a wealth of expertise. Knowledge and skill that we are happy to use to successfully complete cloud implementations on a small and large scale.

Fortinet Firewall oplossingen Safe-connect

Fortinet Certified Professional (FCP) in Public Cloud Security

Fortinet's Intelligent Firewalls are an important part of our security solution. Fortinet Next Generation Firewalls feature multiple security components. They fit into our strategy of securing managed network infrastructures against more sophisticated hackers. They are one of the most powerful and advanced firewalls on the market.

Bitwarden solution

Bitwarden password manager

Bitwarden is the password manager by choice. Its user-friendly environment ensures that users increase their digital security in no time. The importance of using strong passwords and managing them became more important. Bitwarden offers the solution.

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Dell hardware

Dell is our partner for Thin Clients, monitors and other hardware. The hardware from Dell can follow our European Managed Services strategy. This allows us to guarantee the business continuity of the hardware while keeping costs low. The Wyse ThinOS client operating system is secure and fast making it easy to manage all employees in different situations.

Nerdio oplossingen Safe-Connect

Nerdio Manager

The partnership with Nerdio was born in the search for efficient management of Windows AVD and Azure Servers. With our experience in deploying groups of AVD users, we help organizations to be as efficient as possible with the available resources.

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Phished E-learning platform

Phished takes your team into the world of digital hygiene. It is a Security Awareness Program to alert your organization to today's cyber threats. Interactive cartoons packed with information guide you around different topics of Cybersecurity. With comprehensible language, you will get a good idea of what to look out for to protect both yourself and your organization.

Scappman Safe-Connect


Creating a secure and productive work environment for you and your employees is our primary focus. Microsoft Intune offered a solution to keep devices and apps up-to-date. But due to an increasing number of users, we quickly reached the limits. Scappman is the perfect solution to provide multiple organizations with updates. With a well-organized platform, we ensure fast updates of applications.



IT environments are becoming progressively more complex. That's because there are several components in your infrastructure. This leaves you facing a security challenge. Lansweeper helps us find out which components are present in your organization. With these findings, we solve security risks and together we can move toward a secure working environment.

Adaxes Safe-Connect


With Adaxes, we automate the process of applying policies for new users. This is done with a connection in Azure Active Directory which then also affects Exchange and Microsoft 365. This way, company rules are applied correctly for all users from the beginning. Even for multiple branches with different requirements. Setting conditional rules further tightens the process.