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Digital hygiene protects your organization from up to 98% of all cyber attacks. Your strategy to a more secure digital work environment begins with effective Awareness Training. Learn how to recognize phishing attacks, use strong passwords and set up Multifactor Authentication. Explore the world of basic security with your team. Interactive videos full of information guide you through various cybersecurity topics. In the convenient E-learning platform you will find a wide range of instructive modules in different languages. Together, we build a customized solution that allows you to arm your organization against today’s cyber threats.
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Why engage in Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

The hard truth about cyber attacks: 70% are caused by human error. Unfortunately, cybercrime continues to rise, and as an organization you are under pressure. Before you jump to advanced security, it’s best to build a solid foundation first. Awareness of cybersecurity and information security is the first building block in your security strategy. Yet it is not easy to implement this effectively. Fortunately, there is a solution. With Cybersecurity Awareness Training, you take an important step towards a secure work environment. Ongoing training ensures your team stays alert. With realistic phishing simulations, you’ll know how far your organization stands
in terms of digital hygiene.
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An educational and convenient E-learning platform

In the world of digital work, online learning has become natural. Therefore, we offer you a comprehensive selection of modules through the E-learning platform. The training courses, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, include animations, videos, realistic situations with valuable tips. Ready to proceed to the next level? After each level, you get the chance to test your knowledge with a test. Do you pass? Then you will receive a certificate as proof of completion!

A customized Awareness Training

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Realistic Phishing Simulations

Is your team up for a challenge? An organized phishing simulation puts your employees’ skills and knowledge to the test. Does someone fall into the trap anyway? Then it’s not a huge problem. Fortunately, it now happens in a safe environment. That is the very reason it is so powerful. The goal remains to work together as a team against digital danger. With a friendly conversation, you can go over exactly what went wrong and how they can prevent it in the future. As an organization, you can choose whether these simulations are announced in advance or not.

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With the right approach, you will get the most out of a Cybersecurity Awareness Training to protect both your organization and your employees. Our specialists are ready to discuss this solution with you. Together, we’ll create an awareness training that is tailored to the needs of your colleagues and the organization. Let’s get started!