Everything starts with managed IT Architecture

Networks and computer systems have never been more important as a result of the digital acceleration in recent years. As a company or organization, you rely on it every day. Business processes accelerate, software and linked data change constantly and important data is stored. IT architecture can be a constraint or an accelerator in times where businesses need to adapt at lightning speed.
IT architecture
Cybersecurity gegevens

A secure infrastructure

Hackers are getting smarter and Cybersecurity is a top priority to ensure the continuity of a business. End-to end protection is a must. How do you accomplish that? Technologically by weaving security as a unifying thread throughout the infrastructure. With dashboards that indicate how good your security is and which attacks are being fended off. Human by minimizing “human factors” and training that makes users aware of possible security threats.

Microsoft Azure: the platform of choice

Why do we choose Microsoft Azure as the platform for IT infrastructure? When your software needs extra performance during a peak load or just less power on the weekend, Azure allows you to do so in a cost-effective manner without investment. The security aspect is a key factor. All Microsoft users use Active Directory. With Azure Active Directory, more security measures are possible. This provides additional security for both the companies and the users themselves. The biggest advantage is the power of manageability. That includes the automation to activate and manage groups of users with their specific needs. With Adaxes, we provide room for automation in this process.
Microsoft Azure

Planning your future

How do you get started building such a dynamically managed IT-environment? With an IT architecture plan. What is the current situation, what is the desired situation and even; what do we not yet know today. Does this sound complicated and too burdensome? That makes sense, there are so many parameters to be considered. For us, this is a little different. Experience helps you see your environment from a different perspective. We use Lansweeper to get a crystal clear overview of your IT environment.