Goodbye on-premises phone system, time for calls in Microsoft Teams

Goodbye on-premises phone system, time for calls in Microsoft Teams

Telephony in Teams, is it possible? Microsoft Teams offers usability and many features for countless businesses and organizations. We have been using it for a while now. A convenient tool to enable and cluster teamwork in an MS office environment. Tools like Microsoft Planner (which you can integrate into teams) allow you to neatly distribute tasks.

Having completely gotten rid of Skype for Business, we discovered the potential of Teams to also digitize our entire telephony – nationally and internationally. This makes it possible to manage everything within the same platform. Even better: you can control smart door intercoms with Microsoft Teams.

How to set up telephony in Teams

The integration of telephony in Teams can be done in two ways. Through direct routing, a company can choose which provider to work with. This is of little interest because you are still stuck with your own equipment to make the connection. Microsoft themselves also offer a subscription that can be integrated into your Microsoft 365 subscription. This brings your company’s telephony needs fully into the Cloud, and you also benefit from integrated service and security from Microsoft.

We summarize the benefits of the integrated calls subscription below:

  • Making calls from Teams is possible from any device.
  • The managing of the phone system is fully centralized within your office 365 administration portal. Here you can also immediately create all phone numbers for your users.
  • Save time and costs associated with an on-premises phone system
  • Protect this area of your network with Microsoft’s security features
  • Like all other cloud services, this service is fully scalable
  • Create reports of your users’ calls within Teams
  • Features of traditional telephony are also available. For example, you can easily transfer calls, put them on hold and leave voicemail messages. Number portability, emergency calls and flexible calling plans are also possible.

We will mainly use the calls through Teams on our phone and PC. You really need a fixed telephone? This was also taken into consideration. Yealink developed phones that enable both video and voice calling.