Advantages of managed services

Managed Services have a proactive approach. This is a win-win for both parties. Human and technical actions that may cause an incident are taken into account as much as possible. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) decreases while reliability increases.
  • High reliability means availablility

    With the support of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) you can expect total reliability. Taking proactive action, we ensure a healthy network and infrastructure. Valuing your data with the GDPR legislation is a must. To provide protection, we implement cybersecurity on all levels.

  • Beneficial Total Cost of Ownership

    Why is it beneficial? Because we have been refining our expertise with passion for many years. With this expert knowledge, we provide automation and flexible management systems. To top things off, we are able to provide you a clear overview by offering monthly payments for our services.

  • Business acceleration

    With the use of our services, you get time to focus on your core business. Our services adapt to the changes within your business so you never have to worry about innovation.

  • Enhanced collaboration

    Sharing our expertise with your employees is an added value for both parties. This allows for the training of a first-line support that can fall back on our services if necessary. If this is not possible, we can take over.

  • In the cloud with Microsoft Azure

    The Azure platform offers numerous cloud services that are constantly updated by Microsoft experts. By being partnered with this flexible platform, we can easily integrate the services offered into your network infrastructure.


A key to new ways of doing business is automation. Starting with reliability, it can help your business thrive. Having a secure and reliable IT infrastructure is not easy. Especially when it’s not you core business. Managed Services help you secure and manage all of your valuable data. Approaching in a proactive way helps us to protect you from problems that may occur in the future. Monitoring provided by flexible platforms will guide you to the next step.

Securing your data

Your data is valuable and should be protected at all times. The proactive approach of our Managed Services is important. It keeps the IT infrastructure and the network healthy. By providing a Disaster Recovery, we are prepared. Even in the worst cases. Providing cyber security on all levels also means testing the vulnerability of current IT infrastructures. In addition to complying with GDPR legislation, we also provide awareness training for your staff.