Find out how to take control of your air quality with Netatmo’s air quality monitor and our Managed Services.

Find out how to take control of your air quality with Netatmo’s air quality monitor and our Managed Services.

At Safe-Connect, we recognized the importance of good air quality in office spaces. Covid-19 reinforced this need and with our Managed Services, we can now monitor those spaces.

As a company, organization or school, you want the best for your employees, customers or students. After all, health always comes first. For the people around us, good air quality is extremely important. Unfortunately, we don’t know enough about the air quality in the rooms we work, study and live in. So how do you create a healthy environment? Using Netatmo’s smart air quality monitor combined with our managed services. It’s a stylish device that connects to Wi-Fi. With accurate measurements and a clear overview, you are able to control the environment.

A healthy place for everyone

Measurement is knowledge; through the real-time measurement of 4 important parameters you gain control over the indoor air quality. The measured values can indicate when there are too many people in a room or when we are too close together and the window really has to be opened. Action is taken quickly and safety is assured.

Convinced yet? It gets even better:

As a Managed Service Provider, we make managing and maintaining your air quality even easier. When you own different offices or rooms, it is necessary to monitor multiple devices so that you can get certainty about the air quality in all rooms. We make this possible for you by providing a dashboard with all the necessary data. If there is an overshoot within a certain parameter, you get a notification so you can act in time.

The 4 parameters that are measured and their influence on your health:

  • Air quality

    The air quality in a room is measured by the CO2 content. This is measured in parts per million (PPM). If a room is not sufficiently ventilated, the CO2 content will slowly increase. A value lower than 800 PPM is ideal. 1000 PPM is acceptable and 1200 PPM is the upper limit. An unhealthy value can lead to: headaches, fatigue, lack of energy, ... . It is important to create a healthy environment by maintaining good air quality.

  • Humidity

    The room is preferably not too humid, but also not too dry. A good humidity level is between 40% and 60%. When the room is too humid, mold can grow, causing spores to potentially cause irritation and respiratory problems. On the other hand, air that is too dry will cause your mucous membranes to dry out and feel irritated.

  • Noise

    Noise levels are also measured with this device. It can be interesting to know when higher sound levels were measured based on the number of people or to find out when activity took place in a certain room.

  • Temperature

    The temperature in a room affects productivity and ability to concentrate. The ideal temperature in an office space is around 21˚C. Too warm is not good. It is best to maintain a lower temperature because your body will tolerate cold better if you are a little colder from time to time due to metabolism.

The benefits for you at a glance:

  • A good deed is worth its weight in gold: you guarantee a healthy environment for yourself and those around you.
  • Time for excellent air quality. This brings the following benefits: higher productivity, better concentration and less downtime. Going for a healthy environment together gives everyone a boost!
  • Manage air quality in multiple spaces and offices without gasping for air. Discover our Managed Services 😉