Virtual Desktop: the solution for a flexible and secure work environment

Virtual Desktop: the solution for a flexible and secure work environment

Working safely and productively both in the office and remotely? You can! In response to the growing need for flexible workplaces, Microsoft introduced two different virtual desktop technologies: Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). We described the differences between the two candidates in this blog. But what benefits do these solutions offer for your employees? You can find a rundown of the 5 main benefits here.

What are Virtual desktops?

A Virtual Desktop (VD) replicates a physical computer. With a few clicks, you call up your digital workspace from any location or device. All you need is an Internet connection. This environment has the look and feel of a physical computer. What’s special about this technology is that it also has a central platform. This allows for proactive IT management. This allows security, productivity and flexibility to be combined.

Innovative technology also solves many security issues and enables productive remote working. But how do you get the most out of it? To find out, we discuss the main benefits that are important to you.

How virtual desktops prepare your organization for a flexible work environment

1. A hefty amount of flexibility

Never remain stuck and continue working safely in different locations! With Virtual Desktop, the computer moves with you. This way, you can pick up immediately where you left off on another device. As long as there is an Internet connection, you can access your virtual environment. This is possible without installing a cumbersome firewall or VPN. As a doctor, for example, you process patient data in different rooms. When he moves, he no longer loses time because the computer is immediately up to date for him on another device.

2. Quick and easy configurations

Gone are the days of installing computers manually. Thank goodness! This way you avoid long hardware delivery times and time-consuming installations. Virtual desktops reside in a fully manageable environment. As a result, new and existing computers are quickly configured and deployed. This is useful, for example, when new employees move in. In no time, their virtual work environments are up and running with the right software and settings.

3. Multi-layer security in the Cloud

With the help of centralized management, your virtual environment becomes cyberproof. This ensures compliance with company rules in all circumstances. As a result, both your employees and your organization are protected against digital crime. For example, when a security breach surfaces, an update can be immediately rolled out to all virtual computers. In addition, rules ensure that security techniques such as Multifactor Authentication are always in place and your data is protected.

4. Virtual desktops are cost-effective

With the virtual desktop business model, you determine the performance of your machine and scale according to your business needs. Do you need a little more computing power for 1 day? Then you can do so without cumbersome installations and investments. VD infrastructure is available on a monthly fee basis or on a pay-as-you-go model. With the latter, you only pay for what you consume. Are you a growing organization? Then you are guaranteed to reap the benefits.

5. High availability the Cloud

Ideally, you want to stay operational in any situation. With virtual desktops, you can access your applications and data from any device, anywhere in the world. If a power outage or emergency puts your office out of action, you can still work from home or another location. And because all data is stored securely in the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about data loss. The Cloud gives you business continuity of the highest standard.

Virtual desktops are especially valuable to you if you:

  • Want to create a secure hybrid work environment in which remote work is an important component
  • Have varying needs for the number and type of desktops
  • Want a more cost-effective solution than expensive and power-hungry hardware
  • Want to relieve your IT team of time-consuming installations and maintenance. This gives them time for impactful solutions.
  • Want a future-proof solution that moves with your business activities

Are you ready? As a Managed Services Provider, we support you with the complete implementation. A large part of our customers are already working with Virtual Desktops. Make an appointment with our specialists today and hop into the Cloud with us!

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