Safeguard your organization with the Cyber Security Assessment Tool

Safeguard your organization with the Cyber Security Assessment Tool

Cybercrime is now also causing a stir in cities and municipalities. Antwerp and Diest are the latest victims. The implications are significant for the cities and its citizens. What can you do as an organization now that security is becoming increasingly complex? The answer: start with a Cyber Security Assessment Tool, also called a CSAT scan. In a short period of time, you’ll get an overview of your digital environment and its weaknesses. You’ll learn where it’s best to take action so your organization can be secured as soon as possible.

What is a Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT)?

With a CSAT scan, you receive an analysis of your entire IT infrastructure. The tool collects relevant security data through your Microsoft environment. In addition, a questionnaire gauges policies, controls and other key indicators. Based on the results, you will receive targeted recommendations. In other words, it’s time for action! That way, you can get started with a high-quality security strategy. Make an immediate impact with the external help of an experienced IT security partner. That way, you gain certainty and speed up the security process.

What benefit do you get as an organization with a Cyber Security Assessment Tool?

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and often organizations do not know what weaknesses are hidden in their systems. That means your security strategy is critical to being adequately secured. A thorough CSAT analysis gives you accurate insights and displays potential risks. An expert will help you inspect the data and make an accurate interpretation. With these facts, you can start working to structurally protect your organization.

How do you request a CSAT?

You can request your CSAT scan from an approved partner such as Safe-Connect. With our expertise, you can be sure that your cybersecurity plan and implementation will ensure optimal protection.

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