Transform digitally with an MS Azure Gold Partner

With an understanding of business and technology, we help companies transform digitally. We use deep expertise, frameworks and accelerators to help our clients make a successful leap to cloud migration, modernization and innovation. We want to give our customers the ability to work in a secure and reliable environment. We have been doing that in Azure for several years now, and we are connecting our expertise with the MS Azure Gold Partner certificate. 
Safe-Connect Azure Gold

What is an Azure Gold Partner?

To become a Gold Partner of Microsoft, knowledge and skill is key. By taking exams, expertise and competence are tested. You don’t obtain this certificate without reason. It is the highest certification you can obtain as a Microsoft Partner. This enables us to professionally guide you through digital transformations and innovation. Implementing and deploying an appropriate solution with knowledge is the result 
Companies that are Gold-certified receive continuous online technical support, news, updates and useful information from Microsoft itself.  A great advantage as a client is that we can first show a concept in practice (Proof of Concept) before you take any further steps. As a trusted partner, we not only help you implement the latest hardware and software, but also offer mobile solutions, cloud capabilities and Microsoft’s extensive suite of online apps and services. 

What are the benefits for you to choose a Gold Partner?

  • Enjoy the latest and most efficient technologies

    Microsoft's technology is constantly evolving, and their skill requirements are updated along with those evolutions. We are always up-to-date and not only know the product or the technology, but also know how to adapt it to your specific needs.

  • Business and technology insight that will grow your organization

    In-depth knowledge is required to achieve a gold level. Not only the technological aspect is important. By thinking along both business and technology sides, we find the appropriate solutions to make you accelerate.

  • Proof of Concept

    As a Safe-Connect customer, you have the advantage that we are able to offer a Proof of Concept. This allows you to see our solution in action, without committing to a purchase.

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