Lansweeper: do you know what your
IT infrastructure looks like?

Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management tool that identifies all your IT assets. That way you know where the weak points are and can take action. It seems like a simple task. Yet there is a lot of complexity involved. Digital work environments consist of different devices, software and network connections. To reduce security risk, it is important to have a crystal clear overview of your IT infrastructure.
what is shadow IT

What is shadow IT and how does Lansweeper help you with it?

Shadow IT is a term used when employees deploy IT resources without the knowledge of the IT department. This mainly refers to personal devices, applications and Cloud Services. The danger of Shadow IT is that it can be the cause of a cyber attack. For example, insecure software or devices that are susceptible to cyber criminals. The challenge of protecting a digital environment is daunting. Fortunately, Lansweeper doesn’t leave you in the shadows. By casting a sharp light on your IT environment, you get a complete picture of all assets. This allows you to take action in time against invisible security risks.

The power of Lansweeper

A crystal clear overview of your IT infrastructure

You get a clear overview of all devices and connections within your IT environment. Whether on-premise, in the Cloud, virtual or physical. Lansweeper scans them all. With a sharp picture, you no longer face unexpected surprises.

ISO 27001 compliant

Not only cybersecurity brings a lot of challenges. Meeting ISO standards is also becoming increasingly difficult. With Lansweeper, you avoid issues around ISO27001. With a scan you check whether your IT environment still meets the standard that has been imposed and take action if necessary.


By having a clear view of your IT environment, you significantly reduce security risks. You quickly find out if there is still an open door. Only when it is closed you can strengthen your cybersecurity. This way, you make the right decision for your organization every time.

Centralized management

Manage all your valuable information in 1 place. The centralized platform in the Cloud allows you to view your IT environment regardless of location. This allows security teams to stay informed and take action when and where they need to.

Actionable reports

Lansweeper is more than just valuable data. With useful reports, you make well-considered decisions to improve your IT environment. So you can quickly find out what the best choice is for your organization. Time for the next step!

Find out how Lansweeper helps you cut costs

Our security specialists have also managed to reduce IT costs with this handy tool. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

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Lansweeper Cloud

How Lansweeper helps you migrate to the Cloud

A well-considered migration to the Cloud can only be successful if your current IT environment has been mapped out. That way, our Cloud specialists know which components are moving with you and which components can be replaced. This way, Lansweeper fits into your well thought-out Cloud strategy.