Adaxes: assigning your policies without error

With Adaxes, you automate the allocation of all your business rules. This way, you avoid a lot of human errors. That’s because there are many steps to follow to securely add new users to your digital work environment. Especially when you think about the different policies that should be set based on the type of employee. With Adaxes, you get centralized management of multiple Microsoft services. These include: Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange. That way you can be sure that employees are associated with the right company rules from the start. This is how you take the next step toward a secure work environment.

Adaxes focuses on:

Security & compliance

It is common for users to be assigned unnecessary rights. By working with the "least privilege principle," employees only get the rights they need. This way you protect your IT infrastructure and meet the standards imposed by ISO 27001.

A centralized management platform

Large organizations with multiple offices in different countries often face the challenge of enrolling new employees. With Adaxes, this is no longer a problem. With 1 platform you manage multiple branches with different policies.

Room for customized solutions

The possibilities with Adaxes are countless. Do you have specific needs? Adaxes provides the possibility for customization with Powershell scripts. This way, Adaxes also meets your specific business needs.

Are your business rules in place yet?

Avoid surprises and take action on time. As a distributor of Adaxes, we will help you get started quickly. Contact our security experts so that you are also aware of your digital environment.

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