Boost your digital security with Awaretrain, an E-learning platform for Cybersecurity Awareness.

Venture into the world of digital hygiene with your team! Awaretrain is a E-learning program to raise awareness of today’s cyber threats that your organization is facing. Interactive cartoons packed with information will introduce you to various Cybersecurity topics. For example: Phishing, Security Awareness, password managers, Multifactor Authentication, … . A wide range of modules with easy-to-understand language will give you a good idea of what to look out for to protect both yourself and your organization.
Example of an Awaretrain video about passwords
Example of an Awaretrain video about passwords

The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Now why is Awareness Training so important? About 70% of cyber attacks are caused by human error. This raises concern for many organizations because cybercrime continues to persist. In fact, it is on the rise. Such attacks entail great damage. Because of this increased pressure on both large- and small-sized organizations, they want to move to advanced security as quickly as possible. But that doesn’t make much sense if basic security is not in place. Many organizations struggle with building awareness around cybersecurity and information security. Fortunately, Awaretrain helps your organization get well on track to a secure work environment.

Awaretrain tailored to your organization

The modules are available in several languages including Dutch and English. The goal is to gain knowledge. Therefore it is convenient that you first start with a baseline audit. Based on the result, the program is tailored to the needs of your organization. That way, you choose the modules you do not yet have much understanding of. At Safe-Connect, we like to add a little extra. Because we know the needs of our customers well, we provide customized training.

E-learning takes a central position

Working digitally is by now commonplace, which is why Awaretrain chooses to also make the lessons available online. These consist of modules of 5 to 15 minutes with animations, videos, realistic situations and tips & tricks. This way, you put together your own learning schedule. In total, there are more than 50 modules including the tests. To keep cybersecurity in mind, for example, you can select two modules per month. To put the theory to the test, you take a quiz. There you’ll be asked a few questions and the goal is to achieve a score of at least 70%. Successful? Then you redeem a personal certificate for the completed module.
Phish, train and analyze

Converting theory to practice with a Phishing simulation

Is your trained team ready? With phishing simulations and audits, employees’ skills and knowledge are tested in practice. Were they trapped after all? No problem. The goal remains to work together as a team against digital threats. With a friendly conversation, we go over exactly what went wrong and how they can prevent it in the future. As an organization, you can choose whether these simulations are announced in advance or not.

Time for action!

With the right approach, you get the most out of Awaretrain to protect both your organization and your employees. Our team of experts is ready to work together with you to discuss this solution. This way, we align which modules to cover first and ensure clear communication to your employees. Let's get started!

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