Traditional Firewalls are dimming down: Next Generation Firewalls from Fortinet are shedding a bright light on network security.

Fortinet’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides a secure and intelligent corporate network solution. With thoughtful configuration, you protect your organisation from sophisticated threats. This comes in handy in an era where cybercrime puts a lot of pressure on organisations. As these attacks become more complex, Fortinet’s firewall features advanced security technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. A technology that automatically takes action against malicious network traffic. You can read more about these security components below.

What does a Next Generation Firewall offer you?

Having a fast and secure corporate network is essential. Fortinet’s Next Generation Firewall, known as FortiGate, uses different features in 1 device. For example, think about Antivirus, mail protection, suspicious pattern recognition, web filtering, etc.. The interconnection of all these security technologies is also called the Fortinet Security Fabric. A structure that increases your cybersecurity on all levels.
The Fortigate consults a database that is constantly updated with information around the world. As such, you enjoy security that keeps itself up-to-date. This also means that known threats are recognised and thereafter blocked.
Multiple advanced security components in 1 machine. That requires a lot of computing power. The self-designed processors make this a piece of cake for the Fortigate. The composition consists of a System-on-a-Chip (SOC) supported by a Content Processor and Network Processor. This ensures load distribution to maintain high performance. A stunning device.

Time to shed a bright light on your network security

Our experts are ready to provide your organisation with a secure and intelligent network.
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The possibilities with Fortinet:

An ordinary firewall is often limited to static rules to control whether something will be let in or out of a network. As a Next Generation Firewall, the FortiGate is much richer in security features. Open the tabs to read more about:
The integrated Anti-virus and Anti-malware use a signature-based database. This means that when a virus or type of malware is known to Fortinet, it is also recognised by the FortiGate. This keeps you protected against both old and new viruses and malware. The firewall will also start recognising patterns, allowing it to make its own associations with modified versions of viruses and malware. In addition, Fortinet is a partner of the Cyber Threat Alliance. That is an organisation with several companies specialising in cybersecurity such as: Cisco, Avast, McAfee and Palo Alto. They team up to identify and prevent cyber attacks. This way, the database stays up-to-date and you are assured of high-quality security.
The Intrusion Prevention System also leverages a signature-based database. So all known intrusions that are in the database will be repelled. This technique is designed to detect and stop network intrusions. Thus, the security of your corporate network is not compromised and data is not stolen.
URL filtering allows you to allow or block websites by setting up ‘whitelists’ or ‘blacklists’. Managing applications within web environments is also possible with the integrated Application Control. An example of this would be having access to Facebook, but no access to a particular game on Facebook such as Tetris or Farmville.
SSL or Secure Sockets Layer filtering is a standard feature of Fortigate. It is a technique that ensures that HTTPS websites can also be identified. Cunning hackers create malware websites with HTTPS to trick visitors into thinking the websites are secure. With this web-filtering, you protect your corporate network from smarter hackers.
With the built-in SD-WAN functionality, you can, for instance, perform Failover and Load Balancing on your network. For failover, you define a rule by which WAN 1 is primary and WAN 2 will take over in case WAN 1 fails. That way, you ensure that your network continues to work if one of the connections fails. With Load Balancing, you distribute the load on the network. Configuring SD-WAN correctly is essential.
With Fortinet, you also manage and secure all your organisation’s dataflows. If someone requests data, the data stream will be inspected by Fortigate. A deviation can then be made to a Fortisandbox (FSA) so that these packets can be sent to FSA. FSA will first check this data for malware and viruses by using a large database. Although the security of a Fortigate is very strong, hackers also use advanced attacks such as zero-day attacks. These types of attacks are carried out by professional hackers and usually target a company or organisation. With FortiSandbox, you use sandbox technology that allows you to identify zero-day attacks. Because the code is tested in an isolated environment first, you prevent it from ending up on your network.
A key component of FortiSandbox is Content Pattern Recognition Language (CPRL). This technique checks code for anomalies that may indicate a zero-day attack. Hackers often use evasion techniques. CPRL is good at recognising these techniques so that such attacks are detected.
Plenty of malware and viruses are spread via e-mail. FortiMail uses “store and forward” techniques. As a result, URLs, attachments and all active content of an e-mail are first checked by FortiSandbox. The mail is stored and inspected before it is delivered to the recipient. The mail is sent only if it is secure.
Fortiguard is the heart of Fortinet. It communicates with all Fortinet appliances in the world. If a virus is detected in America, it will be registered in Fortiguard. That means it ends up in a signature-based database so that other Fortinet appliances can identify the same malware or virus.

Monitoring and managing your Next Generation Firewall

After properly configuring your firewall, management can begin. In real-time, you can access reports and dashboards showing the current status of your Fortigate. In addition, you roll out large-scale updates and change settings as needed. This is done with the help of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer. FortiManager is the management platform located in the Cloud and accessible via a web browser.
Monitoring and taking action is a time-consuming activity. That’s because your network is supposed to be secure 24/7. As a Managed Service Provider, we provide continuous monitoring of your corporate network. With expertise, we take action when necessary and maintain your firewall. While you are away, we keep an eye on it!

The highest level of cybersecurity with Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric ensures that there is room for close collaboration with other organisations. In an ever-evolving cyber world, it is indispensable for organisations to share ideas and technologies with each other. For example, Fortinet provides support for other platforms and integrations such as Microsoft Azure, Cisco, Citrix, Google Cloud, etc. The full list of Fortinet partners can be found here. That way, legacy applications can also be secured. This way, the world of cybersecurity faces an innovative future.
To keep databases up-to-date, it communicates closely with the Cyber Threat Alliance. An organisation that focuses on providing information around cyber security around the world. Their goal is to make the digital ecosystem as secure as possible.

Is Fortinet useful for you?

Are you a young business of 10 employees or a company of 200 employees with several establishments? In either case, it is without doubt a suitable solution. By using our Managed Services, we ensure that the cost remains low and you can enjoy the benefits and scalability that Fortinet has to offer.

Deploying your Fortinet Solution

Configuring a Fortinet solution correctly requires a lot of expertise. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with our Managed Services. Unhampered and in a short period of time, we can ensure that this security system is fully integrated within your organisation. This gives you peace of mind that your network is properly secured and managed. Moreover, you will receive transparent reports from us so that you are also aware of everything that happens on your network.
Having a network layout helps a lot. Need help designing a network scheme? If so, feel free to request an audit. To tailor this solution to your needs or if you have any questions about Fortinet, be sure to contact us. Our specialists are ready to help you further and give your security the attention it needs.

Time to shed a bright light on your network security

Our experts are ready to provide your organisation with a secure and intelligent network.
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