Is your IT environment an accelerator or rather a bottleneck to your ambitions? An IT Audit is the beginning of a plan of action. With knowledge of business processes and technology, together we will look for strengths, weaknesses and new opportunities. What follows is a comprehensive analysis with precise advice. It will be a customized IT Roadmap with recommendations to accelerate and enable cost control. Our experts are here for you and work on these 4 fundamentals:
IT audit

Service availability and readiness assessment

The continuity of business processes has the highest priority at this stage of the audit. We identify the infrastructure and SLAs within the company and check the network schedule for a potential outage. The Disaster Recovery plan is updated according to the findings to ensure it can be implemented. This first examination also provides us with valuable information for the next 3 examinations.

Cloud Readiness Assessment for  Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is our preferred cloud provider because of its reliability, low maintenance costs, scalability and innovation.  Azure Active Directory and all other components together form the core of the IT infrastructure. Because all components are fully manageable, we create a controlled environment. We investigate the challenges and the steps needed to implement Azure.

Developing a  strategic roadmap 

Given the speed of transformations, a strategic roadmap only makes sense if it can be rolled out within a relatively short period of time. We help your company turn strategic initiatives into technology opportunities that are successfully executable. By providing information, all stakeholders can better interpret the chosen direction. This helps to find comfort in the improvement process.

Cyber Security Assessment 

Hackers and cybercriminals are targeting every type of business and individual. A maintained cybersecurity plan is a must for any business. This sounds logical, but it is often a big step to make it happen. In this assessment, we will consider how to weave cybersecurity throughout the architecture and software. We do not forget the users. They are confronted with the security issues and can be prepared for a personal attack such as phishing.

Dependence on an IT environment requires us to guard against loss of revenue, reputational damage and damage claims. Certainty about the quality of IT is of great importance. Not only for the sake of the continuity and quality of vital business processes, but also because of today’s high demands for transparency, good corporate governance and compliance with laws and regulations. With our trusted IT solutions, we also overcome complex challenges.