Organizations instantly benefit from a high-performance Azure cloud network. Your valuable data will be accessible on any level. Intelligent security components guard your cybersecurity. Want to know more about how we reduce costs, optimize cyber security and increase availability?


Cyberwar is on. Lock the door without losing comfort.

IT Architecture

Flexible & Solid. We are Azure, and much more...

Managed Services

Get things done. Experts taking care of your IT, precise and secure.

Start with a cybersecurity strategy


Free Cybersecurity advice

  • Talk to an expert online
  • Discover your Microsoft security score
  • Free Cybersecurity consultation
We listen to your story and discover which items you can address yourself right away. We present how to develop a Cybersecurity Plan. You will receive a free Cybersecurity consultation.

Cybersecurity Baseline Measurement

  • Crystal clear overview of your IT security
  • Imminent risks will be identified
  • Comprehensive presentation of the report
With an audit we purposefully look for weaknesses in your organization. Based on this information, we discuss the priorities together. We then create a tailored action plan.

Cybersecurity optimization

  • Identified risks are addressed
  • Your cybersecurity is enhanced
  • Permanent security solutions
With the acquired insights, our security experts go to work. Cyber risks are addressed with smart solutions. As a result, you enjoy a secure environment tailored to your organization.
The Microsoft Copilots: an overview

The Microsoft Copilots: an overview

HomeMicrosoft’s AI train is gaining momentum. And to top it off, Microsoft Ignite 2023 is adding a touch of inspiration. Satya Nadella, CEO of the big tech company, has a clear final destination in mind; create virtual assistants that help you with any task in your life. Philosophical? Maybe. But to be honest, we’re already…

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Bing Chat Enterprise: working smarter with an AI tool by your side

Bing Chat Enterprise: working smarter with an AI tool by your side

HomeBing Chat was born in Microsoft Edge in February 2023, and its birth was embraced by many. Users worldwide are widely adopting this handy AI tool. It’s no secret that it comes with many useful features. The chatbot has access to everything on the internet, allowing you to receive comprehensive answers to your questions without…

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An overview of different types of Phishing

An overview of different types of Phishing

HomePhishing remains one of the most dangerous forms of cyber attacks for your organization. This devious practice uses deceptive communications to extract your sensitive information. In this blog, we will guide you through the different forms of Phishing, explain how you can protect yourself, and show some case studies where companies and individuals fell prey…

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FAQ - Safe-Connect

Our mission is to minimize cyber risk for businesses. We look for the vulnerable parts and take action so that business continuity can be ensured.
A solid team of IT experts that is worried about the cybersecurity in companies. By combining multiple fields of expertise, we are able to provide high-level security and managed services for businesses in Europe. Discover our team
Transparency is extremely important for us. We monitor a lot of sensitive and valuable information. It goes without saying that we want to share everything we do with you. That’s why we provide transparent reports monthly. These reports include information about all your IT components.
The costs are always adjusted to your needs. This means that you pay what you use. Because the costs are adjusted to what you use, your money will never be wasted. Wondering how much a solution will cost for your problem? Contact us today
Yes, We have built up long-term relationships with our partners. They are all companies that deliver outstanding products or services. By working closely with them, we are able to provide high-level IT-solutions for our customers. Check out our partners
Safe-Connect is a division of Cats&Dogs. You can find us here: Corda Campus – Corda A Kempische Steenweg 303 bus 4 3500 Hasselt
We are happy to help you from Monday to Thursday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. On Fridays from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. For general questions, you can call: +32 11 946 310. If you are in need of IT support, you can call: +32 11 946 320. Our email address is the following: You can find our contact form here.
Yes, we are currently looking for an Azure Security Expert. You can check out the full job posting here .