How we were able to connect and control a smart door intercom with Microsoft Teams

How we were able to connect and control a smart door intercom with Microsoft Teams

Connecting a smart door intercom to Microsoft Teams. That sounds interesting enough! We at Safe-Connect agreed. We found a way to operate the door and process calls through Teams. After a successful implementation with our customer, we were convinced that this is an added value when physically welcoming customers.

From request to solution

One of our customers wondered if it was possible to handle incoming doorbell calls from within Microsoft Teams. Good question. At Safe-Connect, we love a challenge, so we set out to find a solution.

We quickly saw that Robin’s smart intercom came with a powerful web interface. By connecting this to a WebRelay, we could ensure that the doorbell could be controlled remotelyThis connection was made over Power over Ethernet (PoE). The only remaining hurdle we had to take was to find a way to connect this doorbell to Microsoft Teams.

Cybergate offered the solution. It is an application in Microsoft Azure and serves as a gateway between the doorbell and Teams. With Cybergate’s interface, you easily add Teams users. All you will need beyond that is the connection between Teams and Voice over IP (VoIP). The connection allows you to answer calls, receive incoming video and operate the door both on the job and at home.

A convenient solution with little effort

With a good configuration, you’re in for a long time. You then only need to adjust who on your team receives the calls. This is done via Cybergate’s simple interface.

Would you like to integrate this solution at your company as well? Feel free to ring our doorbell 😉 We are happy to help you out!